GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides a full range of transport-forwarding services in organizing of transit, export and import cargoes by rail on the territory of Ukraine, countries of Europe, Baltic States, CIS and Central Asia, and also provides intermodal and multimodal transportation of any cargoes as "from" and "to" any country in the world. 

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP cooperates with container terminals and shipping transport companies. Our staff will help you as soon as possible to get comprehensive information on shipment, quickly and accurately prepare documents.


  • Payment of the railway tariff of Ukraine, CIS and EU countries.
  • Organization of cargo transit through the territory of Ukraine, EU countries and the CIS.
  • Container transportation.
  • Refrigerated transportation.
  • Assistance in providing of wagons for cargo loading.
  • Organization of transportation of oversized, heavy and dangerous goods.
  • Design of schemes and approval of technical conditions of loading.
  • Coordination with all participants (Railroad Administration), preparation of freight documents in accordance with customs, quarantine, sanitary requirements.
  • Tracking of the movement of cargo on the whole route.

Our wagons: 

  • Isothermal wagons 918;
  • Covered wagons;
  • Open wagons;
  • Platform, flat wagons, container cars;
  • Tanks wagons;
  • Hoppers;
  • Refrigerated wagons.

Routs of cargo transportation from/to:

  1. Central European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland.
  2. Baltic States and Eastern Europe: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.
  3. South European countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  4. Nordic countries: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.
  5. CIS and the Customs Union.

Additional services:

  • customs clearance in Ukraine and in EU countries;
  • warehouse services;
  • cargo insurance;
  • logistics outsourcing;
  • consulting services of foreign trade activities.